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An engineer for Applied Medical Lasers, maintained his professionalism while repairing my laser. Promptness, easily contacted, efficiency, and kindness are some of the key qualities that allow for a wonderful service experience. He embodies all of these qualities and more. He maintained an environment where the entire office functioned as it always did without any interruptions. Knowing the urgency to get the laser fixed, he promptly resolved the problem and stood by his repair if any other complications arose. Dr Nemeth and I are very pleased with his service and we would highly recommend his service.

Nancy Nemeth – Office Manager”

Applied Medical Lasers have been assisting Silhouette for many years. They have spoken with me immediately on the phone with questions, advice, and laser problem needs. They fly in to maintain or repair my laser as needed, with repairs being done usually the next day. They helped me to locate another laser, helped set up financing, and did everything along the way to ensure that the transition was as easy as possible. I am extremely happy and satisfied with all of my interactions with Applied Medical Lasers; and highly recommend their services.

Thank you again,

Jolynn Greenhalgh, ANRP, CME owner”

Thank you… God bless you for your integrity, honesty, and kindness.
I am blesses to have you as my laser tec.

Dolores Holleman”

Thank you for your professionalism and prompt help with my laser. I know this is a great distance for you to come to service my laser and I really appreciate it.

Lisia Cooley Walch, CME”